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Titleist 917F2 Fairway Wood

Titleist 917F2 Fairway Wood

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Titleist Mens 917 F2 Fairways

Titleist fairway wood users will notice a name change when it comes to the 917 fairway woods. The company will no longer use F and Fd to differentiate between models, choosing instead to brand its 917 options as F2 and F3 to better align with what consumers have come to expect from Titleist’s driver lineup. In the case of the 917 F2 fairways, they have larger and wider overall footprints than their F3 stablemates, a design decision that was made to help inspire confidence from golfers as they address the ball. The F2 is also going to be slightly more forgiving and it will create higher launch angles, in part because it spins a little bit more than the F3, making it a great choice for players who utilize their fairway woods more often from the turf as opposed to a tee. From a technological standpoint, 917 F2 users will see many of the innovations that have been incorporated into the 917 driver, most notably SureFit CG, which is a weight that can be positioned in the clubhead to change the center of gravity and help produce a player’s optimal ball flight. Additionally, the SureFit hosel system allows for independent loft and lie adjustment to further achieve desired ball flight and trajectory, while the club’s Active Recoil Channel has been filled with elastomer to increase ball speeds and reduce spin rates. And finally, a Variable Thickness Face Insert has been incorporated into the design to maintain faster ball speeds on mis-hits. The 917 F2 is available in lofts of 13.5, 15, 16.5, 18, and 21 degrees. Diamana Blue and Diamana White, which have been popular fixtures in the Titleist shaft lineup for years, are being offered in the 917 fairway woods, but there are additional stock options as well with the Aldila Rogue Max and Fujikura Speeder Pro TS 84 also available. Other custom shaft options are being offered as well. Also of note, the 917 F2 fairways woods come in ladies versions as well. The ladies models are available in lofts of 16.5 and 21 degrees and come standard at one inch shorter than the men’s versions, while the stock shaft is the lightweight, high-launching Diamana Red.


SureFit CG System

The new SureFit CG system is positioned to allow the Center of Gravity to be moved without affecting forgiveness. SureFit CG interchangeable weights optimize spin and launch for every player with more consistent impact and spin, enhanced shot shape, weight savings and swingweight adjustability.

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